Embarcadero ER/Studio – Updating the Physical model with database changes

If you’ve reverse-engineered an existing database and then made updates to the physical database here is how you can refresh the model.

  1. Select the Main Model under the Physical option on the Data Model pane.
  2. Right-click on the model diagram and choose the Compare and Merge utility option.
  3. Choose the Compare against a live database option.
  4. Choose the following prompts according to your needs. At the end you will see the differences between the physical model and the database and have the options to import or ignore the objects.

Single row, multiple columns to variables in SSIS

The SQL Execute task in SSIS allows you to execute a SQL that would return a single row with multiple columns and then map these columns to variables within the package. To do this,

  1. In the General section set the Resultset property to “Single row”.
  2. Set the SQL statement.
  3. In the Result Set section, set the Result Name to 0 – n and the corresponding variables to be mapped. Ensure that the column order is right. I believe you can also use the column name but haven’t tried that.